Monday, March 31, 2014

Transfer are in! The verdict is....

I AM STAYING! WOOHOO! I am so excited and thrilled to be staying in the Winder West stake! And Sister Hughes is staying as well! The Lord still feels like I am a capable trainer, haha!

Even though I'm staying I know I'm leaving Winder West at the conclusion of this transfer.... *insert epic sad face* I am trying not to think about it to be honest.

Oh man, this week was CRAZY! CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY! The miracle of the week is one I did not see coming! We were contacting this week and we saw a lady doing yard work across the street. We stopped talk to her and spend about 90 mins with her. She is a less active, has not been to church in years. She really opened up to us about her past struggles, her life and her family. We had a great conversation and also answered a bunch of questions she had! Helped her sort through a bunch of miss-information. AND SHE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! We were so surprised when we saw her because she did not want us to pray with her or share a scripture with her. She was only comfortable with talking to us. She has her 8 month old son so she only came for two blocks (RS&Sacrament). But that was a miracle!

This transfer will be monumental one! In the next six weeks I will be celebrating my birthday, my spiritual birthday of 21 months, and my 5 & 6 month marks of my mission! WHAT!!! I am one short transfer away from 1/3 of my mission completed! Can ya'll believe that? Because I can't.

Speaking of transfers, this past transfer has been a tough one over all but very rewarding! I have felt down, discouraged, overwhelmed, frustrated, upset, unqualified but loved and cared for at the same time. Sometimes Heavenly Father gives us situations that stretch us to the limit but we can take comfort because if HF has confidence in us them why wouldn't we believe in ourselves? Please, each of you believe in yourselves and in your Father in Heaven! There is no better constant in your life! He is the only one who loves you unconditionally, forever and eternity, and has YOUR best interest at heart. He is the only one who will NEVER let you down! Never! He will always keep His promises to you! I know this because this past transfer has reminded me of His love for me. Sometimes we forget, I know I did this past transfer, but even when we forget His love is always there! Waiting for us to reach out and hold on once again!

Again, I am so sorry I don't have enough time to respond to all of your individual e-mails! =( I love you! And I think of you always!

All my love,
Sister Kent

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