Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy new Year from Utah!

Hello everyone!

How was your Christmas? =) Christmas here in Utah was mind blowing! We were SPOILED ROTTEN! Member would knock, leave gifts at our door and run so we would never know who delivered them! The member in our 4 wards organized a MASSIVE GIFT FOR US! Toilet paper, water bottles, snacks, gift cards, journals, scarfs, socks, body wash and lotion, pillows, blankets.... the list continues! It was unreal! Sister Okano and I are BEYOND grateful and are thankful for the love we have received from all the members!

Speak of Sister Okano... PRAY FOR US! Transfers are this week and we are not convinced that she will be staying! in our mission there is a habit of new missionaries having 2 trainers so... there is a good chance she will be leaving =( We are mostly ignoring that fact since we get a long so well. We do want anything to change.

In regards to lessons... we did not have very much! We mostly visited members and shared a Christmas message with them! We targeted individuals who have had a rough year and just reminded them of the love Heavenly Father has for them!

Since yesterday was 5th Sunday, Sister Okano and I talked in the combined meeting about Missionary work! It was so much fun! I also taught in primary! haha my first primary class at 24 =)

We have 2 more investigators! =) They are totally getting baptized and do not even know it yet! =) The mom is a Less Active and her 2 boys were not baptized. All 3 of them LOVE US so it is just a matter of meeting with them and sharing the gospel message!

This coming transfer should be amazing! We did not have A LOT of success this transfer but we are seeing a lot of potential for the coming weeks!

Please continue to have me in your prayers! I can feel them!

I love you all and Happy New Year!
Sister Kent!

More Pictures!!!

This is Layne! He was my first baptism and was confirm December 22, 2013

This was my room from like... weeks ago. So there are MANY more pictures up right now =D And thank you to everyone to sent pictures! =)

and my companion... yes... in a dinosaur adult onesie =D LOVE HER

this is my room =) and how I make my bed at 6:30 in the morning hahahaha

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from Utah!

Hello everyone!

So much happened this week so lets jump right into it!

A MAJOR miracle happened on Tuesday! We were trying to visit a few families in an apartment complex we cover but we were not getting any success. Sister Okano and I were determined to FIND SOMEONE so we knock on a door of a referral =) A young girl, around 22 I would guess, opens the door and looks upset. We were unsure at first if it's because of personal stuff or if she doesn't like missionaries. After talking to her for a few mins when she invites us into her home. We offered to share a scripture with her and between the time we get out Book of Mormon out and look back up at her... she is BAWLING! She then begins to tell us that she is going through a SUPER rough time and JUST MOMENTS before we knocked on her door she has knelt down a prayed (for the first time in years) and asked Heavenly Father for help!

This is such a spiritually moment there are NO WORDS! And a second miracle stems from this. Over the past week, I have been really thinking hard about the "I am a Disciple of Christ" thing and I have been having a hard time believing it in my heart. It's so different to know something than to believe it in your heart. BUT after that lesson I could not help but think that yeah... Heavenly Father IS preparing people for me to teach and to bring the Gospel of Christ into their lives. And I am a Disciple of Christ =)

A story about charity! My roommates are the Spanish sister! They came home Saturday to tell us about a family who has nothing. Nothing. They got a Christmas tree from the dumpster and will have no presents under the it this year. We wanted to do something but didn't know 100% what to do. We tried to daily plan but kept going back to this family. So, yesterday we decided to bring Christmas to them! We all went through our things and gave anything that could pass as a Christmas gift. An empty journal, some slightly use jewelry, slightly used crayons... Anything. Also, during Wal-Mart we are planing on buying a coloring book and a few small toys. We will be giving them the gift on Christmas day.

Now, I wanted to include this story because the reason behind Christmas was just SOLIDIFIED in me. This family had NOTHING and did not care. They had to walk MILES as a family in the icy cold weather just to attend a ward Christmas party and they did not care. This family was just thankful to have the message of Christ in their life.

This Christmas reason I challenge all of you to find someone and share the gospel with them. This is a gift that will last for eternity. All of our earthly material things are temporary and really do not matter. What matters is our relationship with Heavenly Father and sharing what we know with everyone we come in contact with.

Now, this does not mean you need a name tag. The BEST way to share the gospel is to live it and carry the light of Christ with you. I promise it works. I run into many people who "have tried" the church or "have no interest". BUT every time I KNOW, without a doubt, that they could feel the spirit we carried with us. And that spirit is the spirit that touched lives and softens their heart.

Last week was difficult, and this week I already know will be difficult. I am away from all of you and I am beyond busy. Our week is already planned busy. However we all know who we can find refuge in and that is Christ.

If you see a homeless person on the street, or know of family in need please stop. A blanket or some food can be the difference between just another day or feeling the spirit of Christ this season.

I love you all and miss you hardcore! Merry Christmas!

Sister Kent

Monday, December 16, 2013

The address is:

So... there has been a lot of problems with letters to me getting sent back due to a "incorrect address". I would say start sending everything to the mission office, which will them get forwarded to me.

The address is:

3487S 1300E
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Sorry for any inconvenience! =(

Thank goodness for low 30's!

Yes! I said it! I am so thankful for the temperature being in the 30's! Ha, something I never thought I would every say!

To be honest not much has happened over this past week! My companion was sick the first half and I have been about 10 steps behind the rest of the week. Between that and Zone Conference & the Mission Christmas Party.... it has been a SLOW week! BUUUTTTT I was able to go to temple square yesterday!!! THE SALT LAKE TEMPLE IS MIND BLOWING (however it is smaller than I imagined). We took a family ( the more is active and the father is not) and their 3 kids =] The children and the mother LOVED it however the Father sadly did not seem happy or interested. Please pray for them! We are doing our best to find out how to bring him back to church!

Mike, CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! It was a super special moment! Our hard work paid off and she showed up! =D It was only for the last talk but he came! Mike loves everyone and felt super welcomed! I pray this is what he needed to get active again!

LAYNE IS GETTING BAPTIZED SATURDAY! I am freaking out I am looking forward to this so much! Helping to plan his baptism just brings back memories when Calitin, E Seegmiller & E Marriott helped me! We visit him almost every day and as the days get closer you can see Satan just doing his best to bring him down =( But he is staying strong and resisting the cigarettes!

Oh man, I am trying to think... Not much to report on here. But keep my in your prayers! I am working at about half my normal speed so some extra prayers would be amazing!

I love you all!
Warm Regards,
Sister Kent

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello from single degree temperatures!

Hello from single degree temperatures!

This week was so much better than last week, thank goodness! I feel like I finally have a hold on the mission life! My companion and I reached our goal of 20 lessons!!!!! WOOHOO!!! We were at 19 last night and finally got it at 8:30pm! Man, it is a good feeling with you reach your goals!

I spoke in sacrament yesterday which was VERY OVERWHELMING but it went over all well! I spoke on how members can be missionaries by bringing the light of Christ to everyone around them! My Stake President was there and guess what... he left for his mission 18 months after he was baptized! It has been amazing getting to know him!

So... word travels super quick in my 4 wards because I will be walking down the hall and everyone is like, "Hey, your the convert, right?" It so comical! I just say, "yeah, That's me!" shake their hand and keep moving hahaha

UPDATE ON INVESTIGATORS: our baptism that was scheduled for Saturday was cancelled because Cameryn's mom does not approve. Since she is only a kid, she can do that. BUUUT!!! I found out that her mom is a Baptist, so I went over to her house and talked her into taking missionary lessons!!! It was such an amazing feeling!! We all know every missionary is sent to where they need to be, but when you are actually in the moment..... there is nothing better! =]

Mike (the individual who we teach in a cemetery) is slowly progressing! We usually never get enough time to teach him a full lesson HOWEVER since it's about 7 degrees out side we were able to bring him to church for a tour and we tough him a more detailed lesson about temples in the chapel. We ever got him to commit to coming to church Sunday!!!! Miracles!!!!

Layne is an investigator we have on date for the 21st however he seems... not 100% dedicated. He wants to, so badly! I can see it in his eyes! Unfortunately the 2 - 3 % is holding him back significantly. =[ We are currently trying to help him stop smoking with little progress =[ But hey, we are a church that believes in miracles so my companion and I have faith that it'll be taken care of by the 21st! Teaching less actives is AMAZING!!!

Teaching people who are coming back to church, and once again feeling the love of Christ in their life... It just makes you so pumped to keep teaching people and walking wherever you are needed despite the weather! I have said it before but I LOVE MISSIONARY work! It is sooo hard at time and you can be discouraged so easily.... But when you can envision individuals as children of God and envision them in white temple clothes you push through and keep that additional lesson!
Thank you for all the prayers! They have been felt, especially this past week! =]

All my love,
Sister Kent

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pictures From Jo

My Zone
My companion at the Provo Temple
My MTC Branch Presidency!
The amazing package from the Barrus family!
A different mission map!
Mission Map! =D
My MTC district!
MyCompanion and I at the Provo temple
Elder Kampf and I at the Provo Temple!