Monday, March 31, 2014

"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness." 3/17/14

Hello everyone! It is that time of week again where I get to fill you in on the life of Sister Kent.

I must start out with this... The mission is cracking down on e-mail time (making sure it is only 1 hour) so if I do not respond to you for a while please forgive me. =( I promise to do my best!

Second, this week was a TOUGH week. TOUGH. Ether 12:27 totally applies for this week. It has been one of those weeks where EVERYTHING you need to work on has been brought to light. *insert frustrated face* But hey, I have been promise, "I make weak things become strong untothem." right? So I guess all I have to do not is be patient.

I wont lie to you... I feel like the worlds biggest hypocrite as I write this because I keep thinking about the "Patient, faith hope and humility" e-mail I sent in February. Maybe I really didn't get the message the first time? Maybe I should print it out and read my own words? Yeah, that is a think I am doing right now.

But on a happier note, bringing the spirit back, L TOM PERRY IS SO FUNNY!!!! OH MAN, HE IS AMAAAZZZIIINNNNGGGG!!!!! He is SUPER tall too! Like... CRAZY tall!

Oh, and everyone living in Virginia, he sends his love. We had a nice chat about how the East Coast is getting CRAZY COLD weather. Does that make it any easier? Hope it does!

He has the greatest sense of humor! Oh man, no words! When we walked into the church it was UNREAL! He talked about about companions and how when we get home we need to start looking quickly for our eternal companion. Even on a mission I guess we can't get away from that topic. Hahaha But really, the devotional was amazing! To say the spirit was strong would be an offensive understatement. It was just the pump up I needed to get myself on track again.

I LOVE ALL YA'LL SO MUCH! Can you believe it has been over 4 months? I wont lie, the thought that I am less than 2 short months away from my 1/3 mark makes me ill. This mission is the second greatest thing that has happened to me, second only to my decision to be baptized =)

Sister Kent

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