Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy new Year from Utah!

Hello everyone!

How was your Christmas? =) Christmas here in Utah was mind blowing! We were SPOILED ROTTEN! Member would knock, leave gifts at our door and run so we would never know who delivered them! The member in our 4 wards organized a MASSIVE GIFT FOR US! Toilet paper, water bottles, snacks, gift cards, journals, scarfs, socks, body wash and lotion, pillows, blankets.... the list continues! It was unreal! Sister Okano and I are BEYOND grateful and are thankful for the love we have received from all the members!

Speak of Sister Okano... PRAY FOR US! Transfers are this week and we are not convinced that she will be staying! in our mission there is a habit of new missionaries having 2 trainers so... there is a good chance she will be leaving =( We are mostly ignoring that fact since we get a long so well. We do want anything to change.

In regards to lessons... we did not have very much! We mostly visited members and shared a Christmas message with them! We targeted individuals who have had a rough year and just reminded them of the love Heavenly Father has for them!

Since yesterday was 5th Sunday, Sister Okano and I talked in the combined meeting about Missionary work! It was so much fun! I also taught in primary! haha my first primary class at 24 =)

We have 2 more investigators! =) They are totally getting baptized and do not even know it yet! =) The mom is a Less Active and her 2 boys were not baptized. All 3 of them LOVE US so it is just a matter of meeting with them and sharing the gospel message!

This coming transfer should be amazing! We did not have A LOT of success this transfer but we are seeing a lot of potential for the coming weeks!

Please continue to have me in your prayers! I can feel them!

I love you all and Happy New Year!
Sister Kent!

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