Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank goodness for low 30's!

Yes! I said it! I am so thankful for the temperature being in the 30's! Ha, something I never thought I would every say!

To be honest not much has happened over this past week! My companion was sick the first half and I have been about 10 steps behind the rest of the week. Between that and Zone Conference & the Mission Christmas Party.... it has been a SLOW week! BUUUTTTT I was able to go to temple square yesterday!!! THE SALT LAKE TEMPLE IS MIND BLOWING (however it is smaller than I imagined). We took a family ( the more is active and the father is not) and their 3 kids =] The children and the mother LOVED it however the Father sadly did not seem happy or interested. Please pray for them! We are doing our best to find out how to bring him back to church!

Mike, CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! It was a super special moment! Our hard work paid off and she showed up! =D It was only for the last talk but he came! Mike loves everyone and felt super welcomed! I pray this is what he needed to get active again!

LAYNE IS GETTING BAPTIZED SATURDAY! I am freaking out I am looking forward to this so much! Helping to plan his baptism just brings back memories when Calitin, E Seegmiller & E Marriott helped me! We visit him almost every day and as the days get closer you can see Satan just doing his best to bring him down =( But he is staying strong and resisting the cigarettes!

Oh man, I am trying to think... Not much to report on here. But keep my in your prayers! I am working at about half my normal speed so some extra prayers would be amazing!

I love you all!
Warm Regards,
Sister Kent

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