Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello from single degree temperatures!

Hello from single degree temperatures!

This week was so much better than last week, thank goodness! I feel like I finally have a hold on the mission life! My companion and I reached our goal of 20 lessons!!!!! WOOHOO!!! We were at 19 last night and finally got it at 8:30pm! Man, it is a good feeling with you reach your goals!

I spoke in sacrament yesterday which was VERY OVERWHELMING but it went over all well! I spoke on how members can be missionaries by bringing the light of Christ to everyone around them! My Stake President was there and guess what... he left for his mission 18 months after he was baptized! It has been amazing getting to know him!

So... word travels super quick in my 4 wards because I will be walking down the hall and everyone is like, "Hey, your the convert, right?" It so comical! I just say, "yeah, That's me!" shake their hand and keep moving hahaha

UPDATE ON INVESTIGATORS: our baptism that was scheduled for Saturday was cancelled because Cameryn's mom does not approve. Since she is only a kid, she can do that. BUUUT!!! I found out that her mom is a Baptist, so I went over to her house and talked her into taking missionary lessons!!! It was such an amazing feeling!! We all know every missionary is sent to where they need to be, but when you are actually in the moment..... there is nothing better! =]

Mike (the individual who we teach in a cemetery) is slowly progressing! We usually never get enough time to teach him a full lesson HOWEVER since it's about 7 degrees out side we were able to bring him to church for a tour and we tough him a more detailed lesson about temples in the chapel. We ever got him to commit to coming to church Sunday!!!! Miracles!!!!

Layne is an investigator we have on date for the 21st however he seems... not 100% dedicated. He wants to, so badly! I can see it in his eyes! Unfortunately the 2 - 3 % is holding him back significantly. =[ We are currently trying to help him stop smoking with little progress =[ But hey, we are a church that believes in miracles so my companion and I have faith that it'll be taken care of by the 21st! Teaching less actives is AMAZING!!!

Teaching people who are coming back to church, and once again feeling the love of Christ in their life... It just makes you so pumped to keep teaching people and walking wherever you are needed despite the weather! I have said it before but I LOVE MISSIONARY work! It is sooo hard at time and you can be discouraged so easily.... But when you can envision individuals as children of God and envision them in white temple clothes you push through and keep that additional lesson!
Thank you for all the prayers! They have been felt, especially this past week! =]

All my love,
Sister Kent

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