Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hello from Salt Lake City!

Hello everyone!

Time to report on another wonderful week! I don't have a lot of time so lets get started!

This week was a week to remember! Not because anyone was baptized or was able to be put on date, but because I saw miracles and answered prayers! The one I would like to share happened Wednesday after a long day of canceled appoints and no one to teach. Needless to say Sister Okano and I were discouraged. After we took a 5 mins break to get out our frustrations, a lady pulled up next to us and handed us a $20 bill. She said told us to buy ourselves a treat when we had the chance. In that very moment I knew Heavenly Father was mindful of what we were thinking. And he sent this wonderful lady to send us some extra love right when we needed it.

Oh! And another miracle is that we got a call from a previous investigator from 3+ months ago! She wants to see us and take the lessons again! WOW! This call was 100% out of the blue because no one has heard from her!

Unfortunately, there is not much to update you on with the people I am teaching, since... Well, I didn't meet with a lot of people. But there is a couple (Brother & Sister Fryer) I taught yesterday who seem to be taking it to heart. They are both return missionaries, and stopped attending church years ago. It's crazy how strong of a testimony they have, yet they do not come to sacrament. We talked about the Holy Ghost and how you can noticed a difference in your life when you no longer have it. Sister Fryer started to cry. We read together and the spirit was so strong! Not only did they find their old BoM during our visit with them, but they are committed to reading every day! Miracle, miracle, miracles!

This past week I felt and saw how knowing how much Heavenly Father loves each of us can change our lives! Just like he was looking after Sister Okano and I, He is looking after you! Just think about it! You have the Almighty God working in your life!

Oh! that reminds me of another miracle! I am working with a less active who is coming back to church (Kirsty, haha so I guess I do have 1 update!) and we had a GREAT lesson on our divine worth! How each of us in a son or daughter of a Heavenly father who LOVES us beyond comprehension! There were many tears and great conversation! Not only do I love her, but I always look forward to our lessons! They most spiritual lessons I have had thus far have been with her! Sadly she did not come to church last Sunday but maybe she will this week!

I love you all! Ya'll are great! You are fantastic people! I miss you all!
All my love,
Sister Kent!

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