Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hello from Holaday Utah!

Hello to all your wonderful faces! 

How are you?! Hope you are staying warm! Thankfully it is getting into the high 20s low 30s so it is getting pretty nice, haha! This week has been a week of miracles, so lets get this started!

Sister Okano and I have been sick this week. And on different days! We were out of commission for 3 or 4 days which makes 20 lessons somewhat difficult when you have 3 days to do it in! BUT WE DID IT!

Miracle 1) We wanted to stop and get a quick dinner (since we wanted we work partly through dinner) so we stop at Subway. When we were getting ready to sit down, a lady invites us to sit with her. It's a less active who wants to come back to church! So, not only did we sit down for our full 1 hour dinner, but we taught her during it! Epic multitasking skills! AND we had scheduled an appointment with her for a few 2 days later!

Miracle 2) In one of our wards, NO JOKE, this lady says, "I do not have a lot of time, but I want to be baptized. Here is my info!" The words EVERY MISSIONARY WANTS TO HEAR!!!! AMAZING!

Miracle 3) We have been working with a part member family for about 2 months now. The husband has been taking missionary lessons for YEARS!!! But guess what.... HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON FEB 15TH!!! WHHHAAAATTTT?! Amazing, just amazing!

Miracle 4) In another ward we attend on Sundays, 2 FAMILIES we have been working with for a while CAME TO CHURCH!! YAAAYYY!!!! And not only that, some random family decided to come and guess what.... wants us to come over!!! No words! Just happiness!

Miracle 5) Well, this may or may not be a miracle but WE ARE GETTING A CAR!!!!!!! SO MUCH HAPPY!!!

Miracle 6) We have been working with a less active lady who has not been to church in years... And yes! She came to church as well! BAM!

Miracle 7) We found another washer/dryer room in the apartment complex! So guess what, we got ALL THE LAUNDRY DONE BEFORE P-DAY EVEN STARTED! *insert celebration dancing*

Miracle 8) *cough cough* 4 investigators at church. *cough cough*

Miracle 9) We go to knock on the door of someone we have not seem in a while but we accidentally knock on the wrong door. But guess what? She let us in, talked for over an hour and she took a Book of Mormon and wants to read it! 

Oh, and did I mention that we hit our goal of 20 lessons? HAHAHA I hope I don't come off crazy but THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!

This week has been a week to remember =) There was a lot of sleeping during the day and lack of sleep at night (due to illness) and watching a lot of 80s church movies but it was a good time!

So I am doing well! I am a very happy missionary!
I love you all! Each and every one of you are fantastic! Keep it up!

Much love,
Sister Kent

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