Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hello from the Provo MTC!!!

Hello from the Provo MTC!!!
Today is my first P-Day and you know what that means.... I AM WEARING PANTS!!! Over the past week I am truly grown to appreciate the simple things in life, such as pants =]
I have made it through my first week and man has is been amazing! Of course it had its ups and downs but I can not even put into words everything that I have learned. It's crazy to think anyone could grown and change this much in such a short amount of time.... but if it could happen anywhere it would be the MTC!!!
They did not give us anytime to adjust to the MTC because the first thing I did was role play with an investigator! And this might sound weird, but role playing it SO MUCH FUN! (haha, I kinda had no choice in the matter) My companion is Sister Coleman and she is wonderful! I share a room with 2 other Sister (Britton & Anderson) and we all get along very well. The rooms and bathrooms are just like a college dorm. I am thankfully sleeping on the bottom bunk because I am scared of heights.
I LOVE MY ZONE! We honestly felt like family after day 1! (even though the days HONESTLY feel like weeks) We had a zone meeting where we all got to know each other and man... there was NO dry eye in the room. There are 2 other converts (16 months, 14 months and me right in the middle at 15 months). The blessing about my zone is that we all come from troubled backgrounds. It was strange that we all felt so comfortable to just pour out our hearts but it was so powerful. Divorced parents, broken homes, not have a relationship with parents, inactive members and the list continues. I am not saying these things are a blessing but in that moment each of us knew we were meant to be a zone.... and that is the blessing. We all sit together at lunch and we are the loudest group in the lunch room. I honestly feel like I have known these Elders & Sister all my life and NOT A week. 

How am I doing you may ask? I am loving the MTC! The early mornings did not hit me until Monday. To be honest I don't think the whole "MTC, Missionary" thing hit me until Monday. I wont lie to you, Monday was a rough day. I think between being tired and missing loved ones back home I just felt like I hit a wall. I had a good cry with the girls in my room and that did help.

I do love my companion but in some ways I am having to LEARN to love my companion. She seems to be more caught up in the social aspect of things, but hey... We are learning and growing together. I don't want to be mean, but in some ways I feel like I am being held back in how much I could progress. UGGG..... But I am thankful I am getting a crash course on learning how the Savior sees us.
THE MTC IS A SPIRITUAL PLACE LIKE NO OTHER!!! I have not even left to go into the field and the thought of not being a missionary brings tears to my eyes. Heavenly Father, Christ, His gospel 24/7 and THERE IS NOTHING BETTER!!!!! I would also say this... the MTC is a spiritual boot-camp. I have never felt like I needed to use the Atonement more in my life until now. You can not get through the MTC without CONSTANTLY praying and asking for help from Heavenly Farther. There is no other way you can do it. End of story.
I don't have long but I wanted to say how much I love all of you and how much I miss you. I have received 4 letters and 1 package so far and they really make all the difference so please keep them coming! Since this is more of a general e-mail I have written many of you personal letters. You will get them after I leave the MTC so until I get my new address please e=-mail me =] In some ways this e-mail does not even scratch the surface of this past week so I will try and be more descriptive next P-Day
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! And I pray to hear from all of you soon!
With all my love,
Sister Kent

P.S. In some ways.... I am stated to get a Utah accent and it makes me sad. Hahaha, just thought I should add that!

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